Internet of Things is transforming our lives and businesses by bringing efficiencies, experiences and growth opportunities that were unheard of before. Businesses across industries are adopting Internet of Things at a rapid pace but challenges surmount. The technologies are new, systems are complex, security concerns are huge and the path to realize benefits is uncertain. PathPartner, with over a decade of relevant experience, cuts across the hype around IoT and enables businesses to rapidly develop products and solutions engineered for the hyper-connected world. With expertise across all components of a typical IoT enabled solution viz. sensors, end nodes, gateways, connectivity, cloud back-end and applications, PathPartner provides IoT services across the entire IoT adoption lifecycle. Whether you are looking at connecting your legacy devices or building a complete connected solution, we can help you unlock the true potential of IoT.

Overcome Internet of Things adoption challenges with our sensor to cloud offerings

Sensor, devices and gateways

Complete product engineering services for full spectrum of IoT devices – from constrained end nodes to multi-service gateways

Cloud backend and analytics

Complete infrastructure services including connectivity, cloud deployments, device management, data management and analytics

Applications and mobility

Service enablement and application development including mobile applications with UX design

Our offerings span a wide range of internet of things applications

Smart living

Wearables, smart home, connected healthcare, connected cars, smart parking

Connected enterprises

Manufacturing, Smart buildings, connected retail, smart logistics and transportation

Micro-location solutions

Ultra high precision indoor/outdoor positioning systems for asset/people tracking

Reduce technology risks with our comprehensive IoT expertise


Pressure, temperature, humidity, PIR, vibration, MEMS sensors, camera


Ethernet, USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, NFC, GPS, LPWAN, Cellular, UWB


Encryption algorithms, secure boot, identity protection, duplicate avoidance, PKI4.3

Cloud and analytics

AWS, AWS IoT, Microsoft azure, Thingworx platforms

Gateway Frameworks

Sensor fusion, multi-protocol interoperability, device management and more

Embedded systems

Hardware design, embedded software, performance optimizations

Ready to build your Internet of Things solution?

Work with us!

Sensor to cloud expertise

Expertise across all components of a typical IoT solution – sensors, constrained IoT devices, connectivity, cloud back-end, services, applications and mobility.
Experience in RIOT, contiki and other real time operating systems

Existing building blocks

Real Time Positioning System (RTLS) kit to develop indoor positioning solutions

Multiple Camera modules to suit your requirements

Precision distance measurement reference solution

Industry partnerships

Partnerships with some of the key ecosystem players including semiconductor companies, connectivity module providers, sensor manufacturers, platform providers etc.

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