Internet of Things

Internet of Things is transforming our lives and businesses by bringing efficiencies, experiences and growth opportunities that were unheard of before. Businesses across industries are adopting Internet of Things at a rapid pace but challenges surmount. The technologies are new, systems are complex and the path to realize benefits is uncertain.

Pathpartner, with over a decade of relevant experience, cuts across the hype around IoT and enables businesses to rapidly develop products and solutions engineered for the hyper-connected world. Whether you are looking at connecting your legacy devices or building a complete connected solution, we have a solution for you.

Our offerings:

With expertise from sensors to cloud and from device management to data analytics, we provide end- to-end solutions to smart product manufacturers and intelligent solution developers. Our key areas of expertise include:

With our in-house expertise, we specialize in the following service offerings:

  • Hardware Design and development for sensor nodes, devices and gateways
  • BSP (Board Support Packages) and device drivers
  • Connectivity: Wired & Wireless; PAN, LAN and WAN
  • IoT middleware : Protocol handling, Data aggregation, algorithms
  • End-to- end security at all layers
  • Application development and Cloud integration
  • System Optimizations

With our RoI based approach to IoT solutions, we have worked with business from industries such as Automotive, Consumer devices, Medical devices, Drones, Defense and Industrial segments bring innovative IoT solutions to market.

The PathPartner Advantage

With engineering expertise from sensors to cloud, an extensive ecosystem of technology providers and an RoI based approach to IoT solution development, PathPartner is your ideal partner in your IoT journey. Internet of Things is an ecosystem play and we work with key semiconductor players, sensor manufacturers, ODMs, cloud platform vendors and other technology providers to provide you a one stop solution.