In today’s rapidly changing environment, OEMs developing camera products need to consistently ensure that the products they develop incorporate latest technologies to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the curve. The camera products need to have ultra-HD image/video capture and rendering, pervasive connectivity, long battery life and embedded intelligence and many more features. PathPartner, with its extensive experience in camera, imaging and vision systems coupled with ready-to-use solution accelerators and ecosystem partnerships, is well poised to be your trusted partner in your smart camera development journey.

Accelerate your connected camera development with our full-stack expertise

Camera Hardware
Camera Software
  • Image Quality / ISP tuning
  • Camera Drivers
  • Camera Frameworks
Imaging Algorithms
  • Low light enhancement
  • High dynamic range
  • Software image pipeline
Vision Algorithms
  • Object detection
  • Object tracking
  • Object recognition and more
Multimedia & Connectivity
  • Multimedia system development
  • Video Streaming
  • Low latency optimization
  • WIFI, BT/ BLE, Cellular
System integration
  • Performance optimizations
  • Applications development
  • Testing and verification

Our offerings span a wide range of intelligent camera applications

Face recognition
Drone cameras
Action Cameras
Industrial Automation
Video Conferencing
Surveillance Cameras
AR / VR devicess
Medical Imaging
Smart Home Solutions
Machine Intelligence
Digital Media Products
Smartphone Camera

Our Success stories

Wireless camera
Complete product engineering services

Action camera
High performance firmware development

Drone camera
Low latency video-streaming

Packaging inspection
Machine vision algorithms for defect detection

Video conferencing
Reducing glass-to-glass video latency

AR headset cameras
Enhance camera image quality & performance

Smartphone camera
HDR imaging on android platform

Dual camera pipeline
Algorithms for geometric & depth estimation

IP camera gateway
Customize gstreamer plug-ins

SIP phone video
Enhanced multimedia experience

Automotive camera
In-car video streaming integration

Ready to build your intelligent camera solution?

Work with us!

Expertise platform experience
  • Services – Broadcom, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Texas Instrument’s DM/OMAP series, NVidia Jetson platforms
  • Product accelerators - Several vision processors and imaging accelerators
  • Sensors - Omni vision, ON semiconductor, Sony camera sensors
Existing building blocks

Multiple Camera modules to suit your requirements

Optimized imaging algorithms on multiple platforms

State-of-the-art infrastructure

In-house imaging lab stocked with test charts, measurement tools, and everything else to test end enhance image quality

Software tools for ISP tuning, profiling, visualization and analytics

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