Broadcast Solutions

In the era of digital broadcasting, it is very important for a system to ingest from various sources, compress and be able to edit them in real time and send it over network which is very much limited in bandwidth, for real time broadcasting. Video content creation, contribution, distribution and delivery are at the core of broadcast solutions. With a wide range of applications across industries and verticals, diversified use cases are imperative for content creators and service providers to deliver value to end users. The biggest challenge for the entire broadcast workflow to run smoothly is to understand different compression formats and use a very credible and efficient compression / decompression engine. PathPartner has immense expertise in building video and audio compression and decompression system which help customers develop the best of solutions in broadcast and digital TV (DTV) applications. PathPartner’s broadcast solutions are designed in line with the latest industry formats. We make sure to deliver an augmented video experience to the end user, while maintaining consistency across all touch points in broadcast right from ingest to delivery.

Overcome product development challenges with our IPs and service offerings

Hardware development
  • Encode/Decode/Transcode modules
  • Board Design
  • FPGA Design
Codec IP Software
  • H.264 (AVC)
  • H.265 (HEVC)
  • Motion Estimation
  • Bandwidth adaptation
  • Error robustness/concealment
System Software
  • OpenCL and HLS solutions
  • Streaming Stack development
  • High density Transcoding
  • Multi-channel encoding/decoding
  • Display Controller
  • Performance optimization on CPU, GPU and FPGA
  • Video low latency optimization
System integration
  • Broadcast workflow integration
  • Board bring-up, Driver porting
  • Kernel migration & OS porting
  • Application development

Our offerings span a wide range of broadcast applications

Video Contribution and distribution
OTT solutions
Broadcast multiview
Video switchers and cloud transcoding
STBs and Smart TVs

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Expansive platform experience

Expansive platform experience on chipsets from leading semiconductor majors such as Altera, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Realtek, Sigma design, Texas Instruments, Xilinx

Existing building blocks

HEVC decoder

Alliances and partnerships

Formal partnership with leading chipset vendors majors

Member of leading industry alliances such as embedded vision alliance

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