Broad Multimedia

As consumers demand more audio-visual content, industries are incorporating advanced multimedia technologies in their solutions. Pathpartner provides solutions across “capture to consume” cycle of multimedia content to accelerate time to market for its customers.

Video content creation, contribution, distribution and consumption are at the core of broadcast solutions. With a wide range of applications across industries and verticals, diversified use cases are imperative for content creators and service providers to deliver value to end users.

Our Expertise

PathPartner’s broadcast solutions are designed in line with the latest industry formats. We make sure to deliver an augmented video experience to the end user, while maintaining consistency across all touch points in broadcast right from ingest to outgest.

Our expertise includes:

  • Encoder and Decoder development for Video, Audio, Image
  • Pre and Post processing algorithms for Video, Audio, Image
  • For Video encoder and decoder algorithms
    • Intra and Inter Prediction
    • Motion Estimation as an accelerator
    • Rate control algorithm for adaptive bandwidth
    • Error robustness and Error concealment algorithms
    • Multi-channel encoding and decoding
  • Video low latency optimization
  • High density Transcoding (includes Transrating and Transcaling)
  • BFPGA Design, Board Design, Board bring-up, Driver porting/ integration, Kernel migration and various OS porting / integration
  • Streaming stack development



Video conferencing systems can vary from an expensive high-end room based video communication systems that seek to provide a “life-like” experience to solutions that can be accessed from desktop PCs or tablets and smartphones. A complete end-to-end video conferencing system involves video capture, encoding, management, transmission and display.

Our Expertise

PathPartner offers an expanse of media codecs & system integration solutions as listed below :

  • Image Quality tuning
    • Camera sensor integration
    • Hardware ISP parameter configuration
    • Custom Imaging algorithms - Temporal noise filter, Lens distortion correction, Background subtraction algorithm
  • Hardware and Firmware
    • BSP and OS integration (Windows, Linux and Android)
    • Driver integration for WiFi
    • Kernel migration and Memory footprint reduction
    • Boot time optimization and Power optimization
  • Video and Audio low latency support
  • Audio & Video synchronization
  • Video encoder and decoder development
    • Error robustness and Error concealment algorithm
    • Rate control algorithm for adaptive bandwidth
    • Multi-channel encoding and decoding
  • Background subtraction for ROI based coding
  • Streaming stack development
  • Encryption and Decryption support
  • Application
    • UI/ UX design
    • Framework customization
    • App development for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Video conferencing solutions


Some of our proprietary IPs include

The PathPartner Advantage

With a legendary background in the Signal processing technology, PathPartner has been able to meet the expectations of some of the biggest names in the Multimedia industry. In its decade long journey, PathPartner has forged successful partnerships with

  • TI
  • Xilinx
  • Intel
  • ARM