The Automobile industry is moving towards autonomous vehicles and enhanced in-vehicle experience. Hence, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Tier1 Suppliers are seeking expertise in new technologies for ADAS and IVI.

Achieving autonomous driving is a global trend. Safety for drivers requires fusion of multiple sensors that can assist drivers in avoiding crashes and surviving collisions.

NHTSA and Euro NCAP have included collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, lane keeping support, vehicle-to-vehicle communications etc in their 5 star safety rankings, and hence there is a growing need for realization of ADAS algorithms on cars and two way communications (vehicle-to-vehicle, V2V; vehicle-to-infrastructure, V2I; and vehicle-to-everything, V2X).

Our Expertise

PathPartner’s core competency lies in Computer vision algorithms, Radar algorithms, Imagining for automotive cameras and our deep knowledge of automotive grade SoCs helps in faster realization of algorithms on hardware platforms, a quicker time to market.

With over a decade’s experience working with top semiconductors companies in the world, PathPartner has developed a thorough understanding of different components of SoCs such as DSPs, GPUs, Vision Cores, CPUs, ISPs to Display subsystems. This enables us in extracting the maximum performance out of an SoC to realize Vision or Radar algorithms in real-time and helps clients in bringing differentiating products to the market.

Pathpartner's ADAS expertise and services

We specialize in following:

  • Development of Vision Centric Algorithms
    • Pedestrian, Bicycle & vehicle detection
    • Traffic sign recognition
    • Lane departure and lane keeping assistance
    • Parking assistance algorithms
  • Vision Centric Algorithms for night-time
  • Development of Radar Algorithms
    • Object detection and classification
  • Sensor Data Fusion and Fusion Algorithm Optimization
  • Vector/Vision Core processors (EVE, APEX, HVX)
  • ISP processing
  • BSP and Device drivers
  • Vision & Radar Algorithms optimization on chipsets
  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications
  • AVB protocol implementation


PathPartner Capabilities

We are members of GENIVI, CARCONNECTIVITY Consortium and EMBEDDED VISION ALLIANCE. We have been working with Tier1 OEMs and Tier1 Suppliers based out of North America & Germany.

In-car infotainment systems is not just limited to luxury vehicles. Today, most of the OEMs are providing IVI panels with navigation systems and wireless connectivity. The global In-vehicle infotainment market is forecasted for a tremendous growth in future with car dashboards being modernized into a mobile PC.

Our Expertise

The automotive infotainment is striving towards enhanced in-car experience and this is achieved through integration of complex SoCs to the dashboard system and seamless integration of smartphones to the IVI system. The key challenge comes in realization of universal media playback, integration of informational ADAS and connectivity technologies such as Miracast, CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink.

Pathpartner's IVI  expertise and services

Our expertise in Multimedia signal processing, in-depth knowledge of infotainment SoCs and close-knit infotainment industry alliances has enabled us in delivering functionalities to help our clients with differentiating products.

  • Android Auto integration (over WiFi and USB)
  • Apple CarPlay integration (over WiFi and USB)
  • Mirrorlink integration
  • WIFI connectivity/Bluetooth and Zigbee
  • Enabling universal multimedia playback in Automotive infotainment
  • Communication protocols
  • Hypervisor implementation through software support
  • Support for informational ADAS (Bird view, Parking assistance)
  • BSP & Boot time optimization (Less than one second boot time)
  • Video low latency support
  • Video graphics improvement for HMI
  • Automotive Application development
  • Smartphone apps integration into infotainment auto maintaining minimal driver distraction
  • Software upgrade


PathPartner Capabilities

We are members of GENIVI, CARCONNECTIVITY Consortium and EMBEDDED VISION ALLIANCE. We have been working with Tier1 OEMs and Tier1 Suppliers based out of North America & Germany.