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Automative Infotainment

Automative Infotainment

In Vehicle Infotainment(IVI) is a fast evolving area in the automotive industry. Cars are now booming into an intelligent vehicle with the integrated interactive infotainment systems in the automobiles providing entertainment, navigation, location based services, car radio, CD/DVD player, media ports, smartphone integration and connectivity. Automotive OEM’s are prioritizing the consumer needs to provide them with the connected environment and safety.

Recent Trends

Electronics help driver connect to the external world. In the age of seamless connectivity, automobiles are turning out to be ultimate mobile device and automotive infotainment is the center for entertainment and connectivity with the environment. Consumers today desire a car with the infotainment and connectivity technologies embedded in the dashboard and passenger seats. Vision systems and sensors make it possible for the electronic control unit of the car to allow the driver to take full control. Smartphone connectivity and content consumed in both head unit and rear-seat or passenger seats are driving the growth of In Vehicle Infotainment units fitted inside automobile.
There has been an increasing trend for using Linux and Android operating system for Automotive IVI systems. Tizen based IVI is a Linux based open source development platform that enables rich internet and multimedia experience for IVI systems and offers a consistent user experience across devices. Android, is also receiving widespread attention from both Google and other OEMs and Automotive manufacturers. A widely available application eco-system, support and deployment on multiple SoCs, is the main reason for extensive interest from the automotive community.

PathPartner Offerings

PathPartner offers integrated infotainment systems in Automobile to instantly connect consumers with the outside world.
PathPartner is an associate member of GENIVI, a global automotive infotainment alliance focusing on Linux based infotainment system and a member of Car Connectivity Consortium, a global consortium for integrating smart phones to car dash board.
PathPartner offers licensable software components, GENIVI compliant reference In-Vehicle Infotainment implementation, BSPs and Automotive IVI Systems. Our reference IVI solution is an ARM optimized implementation of Tizen IVI OS. Our solution offerings include following:
  • Multimedia decoders such as H.264, H.265 and VP8. We offer codecs as standalone libraries or integrated into platforms like Android Stagefright, Gstreamer plugins, direct-show filters
  • Miracast source and sink solution specifically for automotive use cases
  • HDCP 2.2 integrated with key Security solution such as Secure ROM, secure boot and Trustzone
  • CCC specification compliant implementation of MirrorLink 1.1/1.2 based screen sharing
  • Fast Boot Android and Embedded Linux
  • Android and Linux customization for early camera preview
  • Dual OS support in AMP(Asymmetric Multi-Processing) configuration
  • Apple iAP/iAP2 for connectivity with iPhone/iPad/iPod
PathPartner offers design and development of software for automotive infotainment systems. Customers can leverage PathPartner expertise in following:
  • Development and optimization of audio, video and image decoders
  • Multimedia middleware development and integration
  • Device driver development
  • Connectivity framework development
  • Systems performance optimization(such as camera, audio, video , boot-up, connectivity)
  • System boot time optimization
  • Linux and Android including framework customization
  • Applications and User Interface
  • Smartphone and CE connectivity
  • Validation involving Kernel, OS and Application
At PathPartner, we merge cross-domain knowledge and expertise in Embedded, Multimedia and Connectivity technologies. With the advanced technology research, we deliver solutions and services that enhance efficiency, safety mechanisms, convenience and in-car media experience.
  • Development and optimization of multimedia codecs for constrained environment
  • Boot loader, kernel and framework optimization to achieve fast boot for automotive infotainment systems
  • CE and Smartphone Connectivity:
    • USB, WiFi and Bluetooth integration – Multiple profile integration for IVI systems, Platform & driver integration
    • MirrorLink for IVI systems
    • Apple iAP/iAP2 integration support
  • Miracast compliant Wireless Display Stack and porting interfaces for quick integration into several platforms
  • Multimedia middleware development, ntegration and optimization
  • System integration and system level performance optimization
  • Linux based IVI solution – GENIVI compliant Linux IVI solution
  • TIZEN based IVI solution – Provides feature rich platform with multiple options for UI front-ends which includes HTML5,Qt and GTK+
  • Miracast solution – Multiple implementations of Miracast compliant Wireless Display Stack. The stack and application implementation includes Source, Primary Sink, Secondary Sink components, UIBC, HDCP and key security
  • MirrorLink solution – Complete portable MirrorLink implementation under development