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Rising adoption of smart digital audio technology have completely changed the outlook of the wireless audio market. Traditional consumer and professional audio systems are being upgraded with AI-powered smart audio devices like smart speakers, voice-assisted soundbars & home theatres, wireless earbuds, Bluetooth wireless speakers. Consumer preferences are moving towards having automated and connected home audio experiences and voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and OK Google are becoming household names.

At PathPartner, we offer complete audio solutions pipeline for next-gen audio products. Our legacy in developing high-fidelity audio enabled with smart audio features like voice assistant, robust wireless connectivity on highly-integrated embedded platforms provides an immersive listening experience to the users.

Deliver High-performance Audio with PathPartner Smart Audio Solutions

PathPartner provides technology solutions to audio devices’ provider to deliver high-quality audio with robust connectivity and immersive sound experiences. For more than 14 years of experience across this domain, our feature-rich solutions with great flexibility and easy-to-integrate across all platforms reduces audio device development challenges.

Immersive sound quality Implementation
  • Building 3D immersive audio for surround sound experiences
  • Implementation of technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS-X
Wireless audio and Low-latency connectivity
  • Robust wireless connectivity & streaming integration over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Low-latency connectivity with multichannel audio for superior audio quality
Voice assistant & Smart features integration
  • Voice assistant integration such as Siri, Alexa, OK Google
  • Push word activation and wake word detection for smart speakers with robust connectivity & low-power consumption
Complete audio product development & integration
  • Complete audio signal processing pipeline including beamforming, Active noise cancellation, AEC algorithms
  • Speaker protection algorithm and home automation platform integration

PathPartner’s Audio Expertise on TI Processor SDK

TI Processor SDK provides scalable platform solution to reuse and migrate software across devices seamlessly. The Processor SDK is a fundamental platform software and tools for development, deployment and execution of RTOS-based applications. PathPartner has enabled various features on TI processor software development kit for the integration, optimization and certification of new components on various embedded platforms.

PathPartner Offerings Across Audio Devices

PathPartner offers one-stop-product engineering services for a wide range of wireless audio products or wired speakers. These products range from low-cost to premium and designed to provide world-class audio quality with rich connectivity and interoperability.

Headphones, Headsets & Earbuds
Bluetooth Speakers
Smart Speakers
Soundbars & Home Theater
AVR & Subwoofers

Do you have any specific audio device in mind tailored to your use-case? Are you looking to add wireless and smart features, 3D surround sound, voice assistant integration, or Dolby/DTS product certification in your existing products?

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Our Smart Audio Engineering Success Stories

Digital Audio SDK Development

Development of digital audio SDK, Real-time Audio framework, Dolby decoders integration, Dolby & DTS certification for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X on multicore platform.

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Low-latency Connectivity Integration

Enablement of Wi-Fi & BLE using BlueZ & BlueDroid, wireless audio streaming, ReST API based protocol, remote control app development to connect TV & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth devices.

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Dolby Certification

Integration of Dolby Decoders and Post Processing components required for Dolby certification, added audio playback features and testing audio effects, PulseAudio module based on Gstreamer plugin.

Audio Streaming

Dual-channel low latency & high-quality audio streaming over Wi-Fi, UI design, OTA firmware update, Production test app and RF certification app, Complete product QA.

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Active Noise Cancellation, Beamforming Integration

Integration of ANC, Beamforming, Acoustic echo cancellation, Double talk detection, and algorithm tuning support on different SoCs for a leading smart audio devices provider.

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Complete Audio Signal Processing Solution

Development, porting, integration & optimization of Audio codecs, Audio digital signal processing (DSP) components, Dolby decoders on multiple chipsets for various leading semiconductor majors.

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Audio Lab Setup for Multichannel Audio Quality Evaluation

PathPartner’s audio lab provides hardware & software tools to record, playback and test the sound quality and volume to ensure your product matches with the user’s criteria.

Audio Lab Features
  • 64-channel listening room
  • 4 digital woofer provision
  • Double layer acoustic iron doors
  • 96 db of acoustic isolation
  • RT60 graded for reverberance & found compliant
  • 0.75 Noise reduction coefficient (NRC)
Audio Lab Applications
  • 32-channel audio playback
  • Multichannel audio listening
  • Acoustic echo simulation
  • Background noise addition
  • Audio quality tests
  • Beamforming test suite
  • Surround sound playback
  • Testcases for far field speech

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Expansive platform experience

Expansive platform experience on chipsets from leading semiconductor majors such as ADI, Altera, ARM, Broadcom, Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, Realtek, Sigma design, STMicro, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, and more

Existing building blocks

Home Audio SDK

Multimedia Systems

Video-Centric Solutions

Next-gen Broadcast Solutions

Technology partnerships

Extensive experience in integration and pre-certification support for Dolby and DTS technologies

Formal partnership with leading chipset vendors majors

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