We are here to help you build the next generation of smart manufacturing, targeted at meeting the Industry 4.0 standards in every layer of factory automation. Improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes by bringing in visibility, automation, and real-time decision making with the use of enhanced technologies, sensors, algorithms and processors.

Why PathPartner?

  • Strong IoT expertise, right from sensors (pressure, temperature, humidity, PIR, vibration, MEMS sensors, camera, precision distance, angle measurement) to gateways to server-side analytics and visualization.
  • Experience working on various industrial equipment like Sensors & Actuators, PLCs, HMI, Communication Systems, and AI.
  • Along with various wired (USB, Ethernet, HDMI) and wireless (WiFi, BT/BLE, NFC, GPS, UWB) connectivity, strong expertise in integrating LPWANs.
  • Strong experience in Imaging, Machine Vision, Sensor Fusion, and Algorithm Optimization.
  • Experience with Symmetric/Asymmetric encryption algorithms, Secure-boot, identity protection, duplication avoidance.
  • Unique combination of hardware to software competencies and cross-domain exposure across energy, manufacturing, robotics, transportation, & healthcare.

Ready to work with us?

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Service Offerings

Hardware Design

High speed board designs

incorporating various processors and sensors.

Firmware Development

BSP development,
device driver development, camera quality tuning and sensors.

Application Development

Implementation and porting of the algorithm and use cases to target platforms. AI, ML and CV implementations.

System Optimization

Power, memory, boottime, accuracy optimizations.

Algorithm Development

Implementation or porting of the algorithm and use cases to target sensor and platforms. AI, ML and CV implementations.

Use-cases we have covered

Operational Efficiency

Real-time Visibility System
Predictive Maintenance
Manufacturing Automation
Energy Management

Supply Chain Efficiency

Tracking and Tracing System
Fleet Management Solution
Logistic Automation Solution

Service Efficiency

Remote Monitoring
Field Service Management


Machine Intelligence

Machine Vision

Deep Learning

Sensing & Actuating

Proximity Sensors

RADAR Sensors

Imaging Sensors

Other Sensors


Remote Operations

Application Development


Vehicle Telemetry

Tracking & Monitoring

Ultra-wideband based RTLS

Camera Modules


Success Stories

Anomaly Detection in Packaging

Developed a Deep-learning based Machine Vision System for automated inspection of defects in food packages moving on a conveyor belt.

Asset Tracking using UWB based RTLS

Developed a real-time asset tracking system for process automation which can be used inside a Yard, Factory, Manufacturing unit.

Object Avoidance using 3D ToF

Developed an autonomous bot that can move towards a pre-defined destination, detecting and avoiding obstacles on its way.

Remote Controlling for Appliances

Developed custom applications specific to use-cases to enable remote operations which might come handy in several industrial applications.

IoT based Fleet Tracking

Successfully done BSP stabilization, low power implementation, interfacing CAN, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and other peripheral drivers for Vehicle Telemetry.

High Precision RADAR SDK

PathPartner offers high accuracy, real-time and highly reliable Radar SDK for various use-cases such as object detection, tracking, classification, and mapping.

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