Imaging Algorithms

Camera sensors are often limited by cost, to capture good quality images in varying conditions. Even in modern cameras, traditional approaches to improve image quality could introduce noise and motion blurs, rendering them less useful. PathPartner’s suite of image processing algorithms enhances images under varied conditions and in real-time. The licensable algorithms can be ported on platforms of your choice and are suited for a range of applications such as automotive, surveillance, medical imaging, etc.

Suite of image processing algorithms for a range of applications

Low light enhancement
High dynamic range
Software image pipeline

Machine vision

Video surveillance

Automotive ADAS

Medical imaging

Consumer cameras

Low light enhancement algorithm

Enhance image quality in extremely low light conditions, in real time

  • Sensor independent implementation
  • Supports both Bayer and YUV format.
  • No detail loss and no colour and edge artefacts due to enhancement.
  • Automatic colour enhancement
  • 2D Noise Reduction without detail loss

High dynamic range images/videos

Resolve dynamic range issues, typically observed in low cost cameras

  • Efficient exposure fusion technique from multiple exposure images retaining best information from each of the images
  • Efficient image registration and de-ghosting algorithms
  • Can be easily ported to custom hardware solutions with HAL and camera driver access

Software image pipeline

Ensure highest quality images with software based camera imaging pipeline

  • Support for traditional RGGB Bayer sensors and RCCC (Red/Clear sensors)
  • Edge aware CFA Interpolation
  • 2 Noise filter modules – for RAW and YUV
  • Supports Auto white balance, auto exposure
  • Available on NVidia Jetson TK1 and easily portable on custom hardware solutions

Looking for a custom imaging algorithm?

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