Image Matters Delivers Disruptive Innovation with PathPartner

Date: September 12, 2017

Author: PathPartnerTech

Liège, BELGIUM — 8th September 2017
Image Matters is proud to announce that video machine learning specialists PathPartner and member of the origami™ Ecosystem, will be integrating their high performance universal H.265/HEVC Decoder with facial detection into the origami™ B20 Module. PathPartner’s FPGA IP cores empower OEM’s and System Integrators to easily and quickly decode high speed HEVC streams to baseband video for SDI and IP/ethernet connectivity and feed into object detection.
“PathPartner’s unique expertise and novel approach are a powerful addition to the origami™ Ecosystem”, said Jean-François Nivart, CEO of Image Matters. “PathPartner is a future oriented company with a well-established presence and network. We are pleased with their collaboration and look forward to giving OEM’s and System Integrators, access to an unprecedented offer for HEVC Codecs and object detection”.
“Disruptive innovations usually come from outside the industry and Image Matters’ ingenious origami™ Ecosystem lowers the barrier to entry for newcomers”, said Ramkishor Korada, PathPartner’s global head for sales and business development. “Modularity is key to fast, reliable integration, and our vision-based machine learning and H.265/HEVC FPGA IP-cores deliver new levels of feature rich capabilities for the media industry. With our years of expertise in providing multimedia solutions, we envision to provide our licensable IP-cores and design services to a whole new host of system designers and product makers.”
With a close-knit team of engineers, designers and developers, PathPartner’s brings a wealth of experience in video imaging and machine learning to the broadcast industry. Their new face detection IP-core optimized for the Xilinx® Kintex® Ultrascale™ 060 is an outstanding example of outside innovation benefiting broadcasters. Ideally suited to the Image Matters B20 module, OEM’s and System Integrators will be able to deliver facial detection during live broadcasts to assist with monitoring and rich meta-data creation and logging
Image Matters’ unique modular approach, guarantees a future-proof and adaptable hardware platform. This platform was built to answer versatile technological advances and standards in video formats and distribution, making the origami™ FPGA modules forward oriented and sustainable.
Combined with the origami™ Ecosystem and interface boards, PathPartner brings new innovation, real-time high-speed video processing, low latency and flexible processing to the broadcast and AV markets. Designed around Image Matters exclusive custom Z-Ray connector, with high bandwidth and pin density (up to 1150 pins, validated at 26Gbps), the origami™ concept can easily future proof products and infrastructures.
Image Matters is paving the way for disruptive innovators to enter the television industry and deliver new features for the benefit of broadcasters in new, groundbreaking ways.
At this year’s IBC, Image Matters will be demonstrating PathPartner H.265/HEVC solutions on booth 5.B21 along with other members of the origami™ Ecosystem to showcase multiple demos with different IP-Core integrations and hardware products.
More information about this and other Image Matters products available at: or by phone at +32 495 23 00 08.

About Image Matters

Image Matters provides unique FPGA video processing modules to accelerate image processing and saves time in acquisition, (post)production, distribution and archiving. Image Matters’ advanced video boards manipulate multiple video codecs such as JPEG2000, TICO, HEVC and MPEG to provide the highest image quality. Ready for High Frame Rate, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut and Stereoscopic-3D, Image Matters powerful cost-effective new PCB delivers superior quality and affordable high-end image processing for OEMs.
Image Matters is the founder of the Origami Ecosystem, a unique marketplace for hardware product range and pre-validated IP-Cores from many world-class collaborating vendors. New and customized products have never been easier to create for multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K products. For more information on Image Matters, the origami ecosystem and its products, go to

About PathPartner

PathPartner is headquartered at Bangalore with an offshore research facility based out of California, U.S.A. PathPartner is dedicated towards creating next generation multimedia experience through technology‐driven execution and quality delivery for leading corporations across industries including automotive, semiconductor, broadcast, healthcare, cameras and surveillance.
PathPartner offers design, development and integration services in advanced embedded technology to solve complex challenges for clients around the world. We are a close‐knit team of engineers, designers, and developers with hands‐on experience in semiconductors, multimedia codecs, vision algorithms, video analytics, BSP & device drivers, hardware design and imaging. Along with our development and integration services, we also offer a growing portfolio of licensable multimedia software products and proprietary IPs for vision and connectivity applications to run intelligent systems such as autonomous cars, action cameras, wearable devices, smartphones etc. for more information visit
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