PathPartner at ST Technology Tour 2018

Date: May 3rd, 2018
Location: Schaumburg, IL

If you actively seek latest innovations powered by cutting-edge technologies, rest assured that your
search will find a new meaning @ST Technology Tour. Come visit us and acquaint yourself with our
set of state-of- the-art offerings.

  • Find out what went behind putting up a tamper proof, “Secure Hardened” computer which has
    been especially designed to protect your crucial data
  • Get introduced to an Innovative Distance Measurement Device specifically developed to achieve
    enhanced precision
  • Take a closer look at how we successfully integrated Voice Assistant Services to control and
    regulate smart home appliances
  • Learn more about our ready-to- use Real Time Location System (RTLS) Reference Solution which
    helps develop micro location applications to precisely track assets/people in real time with
    unmatched accuracy
  • You can also meet our experts across segments such as Internet of Things (IoT), medical devices
    domain, automotive and digital media to gain further insights into our offerings