Date: July 2020
Location: Sands Expo, Las Vegas

What to Expect in Our Booth?

Experience the futuristic technologies for building converged camera systems for various use-cases. Explore our full-stack offerings for developing advanced camera solutions including image quality tuning, machine learning/deep learning algorithms, embedded software and complete system integration on a range of embedded platforms.

Face Recognition Solution

Witness our high accuracy facial recognition system live in action. PathPartner’s face recognition solution works seamlessly on various facial attributes and environmental conditions. Optimized on a range of embedded platforms, the face recognition solution can also work on server platforms.

Image Quality Tuning for Cameras

Experience image quality tuning capabilities of PathPartner delivering exceptional value to camera makers:

  • Image signal processor (ISP) tuning for various core technologies such as AWB, AE, WDR for specialized tuning capabilities in different scenarios.
  • Computational imaging algorithms such as high dynamic range, low light imaging for your specific use-cases.

Real-time Human Pose Classification [Platform – Qualcomm QC603]

  • Human pose estimation via deep neural networks.
  • Custom algorithms for body pose classification.
  • Designed for use-cases such as fall detection among elderly at home, patient monitoring at hospitals etc.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) with Deep Learning

Deep learning and AI-based algorithms to detect and recognize number plates. Available as an algorithm package for OEMs and integrators.

Smart Access Control System

Witness the live demonstration of our highly precise smart access control system with secure authentication and on-premise zone creation.

  • UWB based identifiable tags equipped with a secure element (ST54D) for the purpose of fool-proof authentication. Each tag can either be allowed or denied access.
  • Door Access being controlled by i.MX8 Mini with back-end cloud.
  • Android HMI displaying people who are in the vicinity.
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