Embedded Vision Summit

Date: May 21-24, 2018
Location: Santa Clara, California

Latest Innovations driven by advanced technologies are the real gamechangers of today. Come visit
us at one of the most coveted destination for such innovations – Embedded Vision Summit – and
acquaint yourself with our set of state-of- the-art offerings.

  • Experience – first hand – our Driver Monitoring solution that provides reliable detection of
    driver drowsiness and in-attention using a combination of advanced facial analysis
    algorithms and deep learning models
  • Get a closer look at some of our innovations in ADAS domain such as Traffic sign recognition
    and Vision based object detection on high performance ADAS SoCs with vision accelerators
  • Get introduced to our Machine Vision Camera Module specifically designed to operate under
    low light circumstances and deliver unmatched acuity in the arenas of still and motion
  • Listen to PathPartner’s Technical Insights on:
    • Creating a Computationally Efficient Embedded CNN Face Recognizer
      Speaker: Praveen G.B.
      Technical Lead, PathPartner Technology
      Praveen G.B. received his B.E. degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering
      from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2011 and M.E. degree in Applied Electronics
      from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2017. Currently he works as Technical Lead
      with the ADAS team at PathPartner. His experience/research interests include
      Video Compression & Signal Processing and using deep learning approaches for
      Computer Vision problems.
    • Understanding and Implementing Face Landmark Detection and Tracking
      Speaker: Dr. Jayachandra Dakala
      Technical Architect, PathPartner Technology Pvt Ltd, India
      Dakala Jayachandra received the B.Tech degree in electronics and communications
      engineering from NIT, Warangal, India in 2003 and received PhD in electrical and
      electronic engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2015.
      Currently, he is heading the ADAS vision team at Path Partner Technology Pvt Ltd,
      India. Broadly, his experience and research interests include 1-D and 2-D signal
      representations and their application to solve computer vision problems.
  • You can also meet our experts across segments such as Internet of Things (IoT), medical
    devices domain, automotive and digital media to gain further insights into our offerings
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