ARC Processor summit

Date: September 11, 2018
Location: San Jose, California

Synopsys’s ARC summit is a single day event where in experts from across various industries working on ARC processors gather around to discuss market trends, latest innovations and more. ARC summit is an open event for all developers and chip makers.

Car manufacturers and OEMs are driven towards new innovations in terms of autonomous driving capabilities. With users expecting more customized experience in car, to provide more customized user experience in car profiling of users is a mandate. To achieve this, study of users facial expression and other aspects when they are driving is required, to achieve the same PathPartner is presenting facial recognition and how the data from machine learning and PathPartner facial recognition system can be used to provide more personalised in-cabin experience.

  • Experience – first hand – our Driver Monitoring solution that provides reliable detection of
    driver drowsiness and in-attention using a combination of advanced facial analysis
    algorithms and deep learning models

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Personalize the In-Cabin Experience with Face Recognition and Inference of Driver Emotional States

Speaker: Vinay M K Vice president, R&D

Vinay is one of the co-founders of PathPartner technology. Vinay is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore and IIT-Kanpur.

Vinay will be discussing as to how designers and system architects can enhance in-cabin personalization with face recognition, micro radar, iris scanning and other sensor fusion technologies. How driver and passenger recognition can be key enabler for personalization. Finally, the types of CNN networks available for recognizing expressions and how they can provide semantic context.

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