Driver Monitoring System

Driver drowsiness, fatigue and distraction at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents worldwide. According to the global status report on road safety, road traffic crashes represent the eighth leading cause of death globally. As ADAS technologies become mainstream, automotive and fleet management organizations are challenged with addressing this humungous safety issue arising due to driver drowsiness and distraction. PathPartner’s Driver Monitoring System, using a single low-power in-vehicle camera and advanced vision technologies, provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and distraction, alerting the driver to reduce the chances of serious accidents and thus providing a safer and comfortable drive. Click here

Introducing PathPartner DMS

Camera-based Driver Monitoring and In-Cabin Sensing Solution

PathPartner DMS is a complete solution for driver monitoring (identification, drowsiness, in- attention) and in-cabin sensing (occupancy detection, classification and more). It uses a single low-power camera inside the vehicle and complex vision and AI algorithms that enables reliable driver monitoring on the edge.


Detect as well as predict driver drowsiness and fatigue


Detect whether the driver is angry, scared, happy, sad, surprised or neutral


Monitor driver in-attention such as texting, drinking, eating and more


Identify and then authenticate the driver

In-cabin occupancy

Monitor cabin occupancy and left-out passengers

Position monitoring

Out of place detection for Seat-Belt Reminder and airbag deployment

In-Car AI Technology

Pathpartner DMS uses a combination of advanced AI and deep learning technologies to deliver accurate and reliable results. The technology forms the foundation of not just our driver monitoring solution but also powers advanced in-car sensing features.

Eye Tracking

Eye gaze, eye closure, blink statistics and more can be used to detect whether the driver is sleepy and give an audio/visual alert

Facial Analysis

Head pose, yawn detection, mouth status and emotion estimation can also reveal the driver state including both drowsiness and in-attention

Custom Algorithms

Facial recognition, occupancy counting, human classification, activity classification and other custom algorithms enhance in-car safety

Why you need Driver Monitoring?

Dashcam Manufacturers

Incorporate an additional intelligent safety feature in your DashCam design and reduce those insurance costs.

Commercial Fleet Owners

Effectively monitor and enhance safety of cabin crew during the entire journey and lower your fleet operational costs.

Automotive OEMs

Quickly integrate PathPartner DMS to add additional safety features in your futuristic AI Cockpit designs.

Automotive Vendors

Improve safety, enhance your NCAP ratings and satisfactorily meet regulatory demands.

One Solution Does Not Fit All

And that’s why our DMS is designed to be extremely modular and customizable. PathPartner Driver Monitoring Solution is available in multiple formats and packages to suit your custom needs and requirements.

Mobile Application

PathPartner DMS - Mobile Application Request Product Brief Now

Looking to evaluate if you need a driver monitoring solution? Evaluate our DMS using an Android mobile application and see the benefits for yourself!

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Complete Product

PathPartner DMS - Complete Product Request an Evaluation

Looking for a complete product that includes a low-BoM hardware and a reliable software? Check out our complete DMS product on processors such as NXP and many more!

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Software SDK

PathPartner DMS - Software SDK Check Platform Availability and Request a demo

Looking for a software-only solution? PathPartner DMS SDK is available on a range of auto-grade and other platforms including ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, NXP, Cadence, MediaTek, AMD, Renesas, Broadcom and more.

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Custom Solution

PathPartner DMS - Custom Solution Send an enquiry!

We know you are unique and your requirements may be unique too! Talk to us for a custom driver and in-cabin monitoring solution that we can build as per your specifications.

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