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System and Method to Align and Merge Differently Exposed Digital Images to Create a HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image Read More
System and Method for Minimizing Motion Artifacts During the Fusion of an Image Bracket Based On Preview Frame Analysis Read More
Method and system for intelligent and efficient camera motion estimation for video stabilization Read More
Fixed rate JPEG encoding Read More
Method of demosaicing a digital mosaiced image Read More
Reusing interpolated values in advanced video encoders Read More
Dynamic reference frame decision method and system Read More
System and computer-readable medium for automatic white balancing Read More


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Real-time traffic sign recognition using deep network for embedded platforms Ingentaconnect Nagpal, Raghav; Paturu, Chaitanya Krishna; Ragavan, Vijaya; R, Navinprashath R; Bhat, Radhesh; Ghosh, Dipanjan
Learning based demosaicing and color correction for RGB-IR patterned image sensors Ingentaconnect R, Navinprashath R; Bhat, Radhesh
Real time enhancement of low light images for low cost embedded platforms Ingentaconnect R, Navinprashath R; Bhat, Radhesh; Chepuri, Narendra Kumar; Manalody, Tom Korah; Ghosh, Dipanjan
Raindrop detection considering extremal regions and salient features Ingentaconnect Vijay, C. S; Bhat, Radhesh; Ragavan, Vijaya
SAO in CTU decoding loop for HEVC video decoder IEEE Prashanth NS; Ramakrishna Adireddy; Dinesh Anand
SAO filtering inside CTU loop for high efficiency video coding IEEE Adireddy Ramakrishna; Prashanth NS; G. B. Praveen
Effective approach to reduce complexity for HEVC intra prediction in inter frames IEEE Nirmal Kumar; Ramakrishna Adireddy
Novel approach limiting non-square prediction unit (PU) estimation in HEVC IEEE Praveen GB; Ramakrishna Adireddy; Nirmal Kumar
Efficient motion compensation solution for H264 ultra HD codec IEEE Ramakrishna Adireddy
Analysis and approximation of SAO estimation for CTU-level HEVC encoder IEEE Praveen GB; Ramakrishna Adireddy
Design approaches for mode decision in HEVC encoder exploiting parallelism at CTB level IEEE Ramakrishna Adireddy; Suyash Ugare
A Simple Method to Design FIR QMF Banks IEEE Ramakrishna Adireddy; M J Nigam
A Scalable Wavelet Video Codec for Dynamically Varying Wireless Channels IEEE K. Ramkishor; A. Makur
Methods to Improve Accuracy in Fixed-point Implementation of IDCT Research gate K. Ramkishor; U. Satyanarayana
A Simple and Efficient Deblocking Algorithm for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Research gate Ramkishor Korada Pravin Karandikar
Real time implementation of MPEG-4 video decoder on ARM7TDMI IEEE Ramkishor Korada; V. Gunashree
Spatio-temporal correlation based fast motion estimation algorithm for MPEG-2 IEEE K. Ramkishor; S. Krishna
Bandwidth Adaptation for MPEG4 Video Streaming over the Internet Research gate Ramkishor Korada; James Mammen,
Efficient implementation of MPEG-4 video encoder on RISC core IEEE R. S. V. Prasad; Ramkishor Korada
Error Resilience Algorithms for MPEG-4 Video over Wireless Channels Research gate K. Ramkishor; Sudhindra V. Bellary
MPEG-4 Video Encoder on Blackfin DSP for Digital Imaging Applications Research gate PSSBK Gupta; K. Ramkishor
Adaptation of video encoders for improvement in quality IEEE K. Ramkishor; Raghu TS, K. Suman; PSSBK Gupta
Design and implementation of a real time high quality DV digital video software encoder IEEE Manish Arora; Shashi Kant; K. Ramkishor
Spatial correlation based fast field motion vector estimation algorithm for interlaced video encoding IEEE K. Ramkishor; Raghu TS; K. Suman; PSSBK Gupta
Fast video coding at low bit-rates for mobile devices IEEE Munish Jindal; R. S. V. Prasad; K. Ramkishor
Novel algorithm to reduce the complexity of quarter-pixel motion estimation IEEE PSSBK Gupta; K. Ramkishor
Algorithmic optimizations for software-only MPEG-2 encoding IEEE K. Ramkishor; PSSBK Gupta; Raghu TS K. Suman
Efficient search algorithms for block-matching motion estimation IEEE Shashi Kant; Shyam Gupta; Ramkishor K; Mithun Uliyar
Real-Time Software Implementation of H.264 Baseline Profile Video Encoder for Mobile and Handheld Devices IEEE Prasad RSV; G Nageswara Rao; D Jaya Chandra; Srividya Narayanan
Robust and efficient method for compressed domain video indexing Research gate Pandey T P; Bhardwaj A; Gupta S
Joint indexing and watermarking of video using color information IEEE Bhardwaj A; Pandey T P; Gupta S
Optimal speech codec implementation on ARM9E (V5E architecture) RISC processor for next-generation mobile multimedia IEEE Ajay Bangla; Vinay M K; Suresh Babu P V
Context-based error recovery technique for GSM AMR speech codec IEEE Vinay MK; Suresh Babu PV
A simple approach to non-uniform vowel normalization Research gate S. Umesh; S. V. Bharath Kumar; M. K. Vinay; Rajesh Sharma; Rohit Sinha
RISC processor based speech codec implementation for emerging mobile multimedia messaging solutions Research gate Manish Arora; Suresh Babu P. V; Vinay M. K
Complex wavelet packets for multicarrier modulation IEEE Tushar K. Adhikary; Vellenki U. Reddy
A low-complexity postprocessing algorithm for block based video coding IEEE Maddikonda Ravikanth; Tushar K. Adhikary
Efficient Implementation of VC-1 Decoder on Texas Instrument's OMAP2420 - IVA IEEE Lakshmish R; Praveen K. Y; Kausik Maiti; Jayaprakash Pai; Tushar K. Adhikary
Efficient Implementation of MPEG-4 Video Decoder on ADI Blackfin DSP IEEE Asish Mallot; PSSBK Gupta; Tushar K. Adhikary