Qt Developer - Job Description

Date: June 23, 2021

Total Experience – 2 to 5 years
Domain expertise:C++, Qt with multimedia or automotive.
Mandatory: Strong in understanding of
  • a. Qt, QML, Qt Script, Qt Embedded
  • b. Cross Compiling to different platforms
  • c. OOPs, C++ (version 11)
  • d. Network Communication (TCP/IP), Socket Programming, UART
  • e. Operating System concepts
  • f. Problem-solving (Data Structures, Algorithms)
  • g. various Version Control Systems (SVN, Git, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc)
  • h. tools like JIRA, Redmine etc
  • i. Agile Methodologies
Nice to have: Familiarity in understanding of
  • a. Multimedia
  • b. Automotive.
  • c. C++ ( version 14, 17 )
  • d. SOLID Principles
  • e. OOAD
  • f. Design Patterns
    1. Understand the assigned task well
    2. Discuss with lead, explain how your approach is going to be before implementing
    3. Write code with good quality, unit test cases and create test reports for the tasks contributed
    4. Timely and accurate updates to the lead
    5. Address and improve any technical issues
    6. Collaborate well with Engineers, Architects, Managers to design and create advanced, elegant and efficient systems
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