Multimedia System Development

April 24, 2017
Company Profile:
Pathpartner is a design services and solutions provider, headquartered in Bangalore India & US (Fremont, CA) and sales presence across the world (multiple locations in US, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan).
Winner of NASSCOMM EMERGE 50 – 2010, PathPartner has been a Technology Company with approximately 200+ employees and offering software & hardware design services and licensing of software IP & systems solutions. The company is focused on multimedia centric embedded systems such as Mobile handset, Digital Home, Video Conferencing, Thin Client, Digital Video Surveillance, Machine Vision, Automotive Cision and Automotive Infotainment Pathpartner is specifically focused on niche multimedia technology such as video, audio & imaging and work spans across DSP algorithms, graphics, multimedia frameworks, application frameworks, operating systems (such as Linux, Android, WinCE etc), kernel, board support packages, device drivers and mobile applications. Specific example include camera sensors, 3D Video & Graphics, H.265, Machine Vision algorithms, Natural user Interface, Linux kernel and mobile applications to name a few. The company is deeply engaged into global embedded R&D ecosystem – early member of embedded vision alliance (an alliance of technology companies bringing vision capabilities to machines and devices around us), member of GENIVI (a global automotive infotainment alliance focusing on Linux based infotainment system) and member of Car Connectivity Consortium( a global consortium for integrating smartphones to car dash board) to name a few. The company is actively involved in several in house R&D to cater to emerging technologies and trends.
Customer base includes leading tier-1 semiconductor companies, smartphone and tablet OEMs, Consumer electronics & enterprise OEMs/ODMs and Operating System/Platform vendors across the globe.
Job Code : SR_MM_Systems
Position: Multimedia System Development (Bangalore, Hyderabad)
Required Skills:: 2- 8 years
  • Design and development of multimedia frameworks (GStreamer, OpenMax, Stagefright, DirectShow, or proprietary multimedia frameworks), file formats (such as: 3GPP, MP4, AVI, ASF, MOV, DivX, Matroska etc), Audio-Video synchronization
  • Experience in integration, and performance tuning of multimedia pipelines(playback, recording, streaming)
  • Experience in streaming protocols (RTSP, RTP, DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS), DRM
  • Experience in Camera subsystem in Linux (Ex: V4L2), Android, Windows.
  • Experience in Audio subsystem (Ex: ALSA) in Linux and Android.
  • Experience in Graphics subsystem in Linux and Android (OpenGL, Surface Flinger)
  • Expertise in C / C++ programming on Embedded Linux, Android, Windows CE/Windows Mobile or any other RTOS
The candidate should have a B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.S/M.Tech degree in CSE/ECE with strong academic and industry background.
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