Multimedia & IOT Test Architect

Date: May 29, 2019

Experience: 9 – 15 Years Domain expertise: Multimedia/AV System/Consumer Electronics Responsibilities:
  1. To own and deliver tested work products for various multimedia and IoT projects.
  2. Software environment Linux, Android, sysbios.
  3. Testing audio codecs (ADC, DAC, etc.) subjective and objective quality.
  4. Multimedia, IOT, Product testing.
  5. Define, Design and Develop test cases, test infrastructure and automation for multimedia and IoT systems.
  6. Worked on audio & video codecs, knowledge at unit/standalone level and integration testing.
  7. Multimedia frameworks (Hands on evaluating) - ALSA, GStreamer, etc.
  8. Hands-on with system level testing including AVR & AV System in CE.
  9. Has designed & developed a Test Automation framework.
  10. Scripting and automation - C/C++, Shell scripting, Python.
  11. Well versed with evaluation Audio coding standards AAC, DTS, Dolby, etc. and evaluation of audio algorithms running on different hardware platforms.
  12. Experienced with setting up a CI system with tools like Jenkins, docker, bit bucket
  13. Hands-on with Multimedia Test Equipment and Tools - Gold wave, Audacity, Audio Precision, Tektronix, VQUAL and MTS4EA
  14. Hands-on evaluation with IOT Systems
  15. Good experience on evaluating microcontroller systems with peripherals WIFI, NFC, GPS, CAN, CAMERA, BT/BLE on various RTOS.
  16. Product Testing of IOT System - Device driver, Middleware, Application, AWS-Cloud.
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