Middleware/ Toyota WiFi Camera (Onsite)

Date: August 28, 2020

Work Location: Georgia, US

Contract Duration: 3 months

Experience: 5+Years

Job requirement:

  • Sr Engineer responsible for WiFi camera software components across middleware and application layers. Software components design, development, unit testing, integration testing and system testing using, Ambarella H22/H32 SOC NXP BT/WiFi combo chipset Secure boot and secure storage WiFi AP and STA modes using WPA2 security BLE GATT profile Software/Firmware update via USB 2.0 RTSP, RTCP and RTP H.264 encoded video stream over TCP/UDP using RTSP TCP/UDP Network firewall WiFi 2.4Ghz (11n, 11ax) range and Tx power tuning BT 2.4GHz range and Tx power tuning Performance testing with in vehicle infotainment display
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