Driver Monitoring System Test Lead

Date: May 28, 2019

Experience: 5 – 9 Years

A test lead is responsible for the following qualities:

  1. Test Lead must be able to identify how his test teams align within an organization, identify the scope of the testing required for a particular release and put out the test plan after discussions with the team.
  2. Figure out what skills are required and balance the test resources accordingly with those needs and based on their own interests as well. And also identify if there are any skill gaps and plan for training & education sessions for the identified test resources.
  3. Identify the tools for test reporting, test management, test automation, etc. and educate the team on how to use those tools. Again, plan knowledge transfer sessions if required to the team members for the tools that they would use
  4. During the testing cycle, monitor the test progress by constantly assessing the work assigned to each of the resources and re-balance or re-allocate them as required. Check if there might be any delays in achieving the schedule and hold discussions with testers to figure out the issues that they may be facing and strive hard to resolve them.

Manage the test teams effectively

  1. Retaining skilled resources by instilling leadership in them and offer guidance to the junior resources as and when required thereby enabling them to grow.
  2. Create a fun and conducive environment for all the resources to make sure they have maximum throughput.
  3. Present the timely status to the stakeholders & management and instill confidence about the work being done. Prepare any risk mitigation plans if in case any delays are foreseen.

Technical Knowledge

  1. Should have experience in Automotive domain
  2. Should have knowledge in testing Algorithms and projects that involve computer vision.
  3. Testing in automotive domain will be added advantage.
  4. Should have knowledge in Python based automation.
  5. Should have knowledge in camera-based analysis
  6. Knowledge of Auto Safety Standards like ISO26262 will be added advantage.
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