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Pathpartner Technology, Inc., has openings at their office in Fremont, CA:

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Job Duties: Understand the product requirements from PRD. Understand the user experience requirements and convert them to functionality/ performance requirements for system. Define the requirements for simulators and test frameworks. Feasibility study for the system requirements in a given hardware. Collaborate with system architect to define system architecture. Design the communication models/protocols between various modules in the system. Acquire thorough understanding of various performance analyzing tools to tune the overall system performance and quality requirements. Acquaint with the development and build tool chains to produce, compile and debug source code. Define firmware development roles and responsibilities for the project. Lead firmware development. Collaborate with local and overseas firmware teams to guide and coordinate the firmware development efforts based on defined architecture. Design and develop firmware for different peripherals, modules in camera and develop camera connectivity solutions. Implement communication protocols, test and integrate with camera firmware. Work on and develop camera system framework and application development. Provide direction, technical expertise in multimedia, USB and flight simulator technologies during course of development. Measure system throughput and define scope for improvements. Improve performance and throughput of the system and fine tune. Collaborate with other teams to integrate and sanity test end to end system features. Work closely with QA team to understand the reported issues and work to resolve them. Work with hardware vendors and chip vendors to validate hardware and develop driver modules for the same. Support research, investigation and prototyping of next generation advanced camera platforms.

Job Requirements: Required Bachelors or foreign equivalent CS, CA, CIS, Engineering (Any), MIS, or any related field + 5 years of experience in the job offered, Software Engineer, Consultant, Programmer Analyst, Manager or related field. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.

Location of Work: Fremont, CA

To apply please send resumes to HR Manager, Pathpartner Technology, Inc. 48834 Kato Road, Suite #115A Fremont, CA 94538 or email resumes to


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