Bringing Emotion Based AI to Automotive World

Date: August 24, 2020

Author: Anchal Pandey

Imagine you are driving a car and you see this long traffic signal. You are already late for work and this traffic is driving you mad! Suddenly your car plays soothing music, controls the climate and make you feel much more relaxed and at ease.

This is going to be a reality soon. So, get ready to have your car calm you when you are upset and cheer you up when you are not.

How will it be possible?

Companies are working towards integrating emotion-based AI into new vehicles. Emotion-based AI works by analyzing acoustic speech, written content, facial expression, body posture and even brain activity. As per the permission given by the regulatory authorities the car’s sensors will have the ability to collect all kinds of data to offer you better riding experience.

Many companies and automakers are already producing Driver Monitoring System for this purpose.

Although the main aim of DMS is to monitor the driver and check the driver’s emotions that is whether the driver is angry, yawning, looking at the phone or sleepy. AI can be used to detect such risky behavior early on and alert the driver. These systems can also be trained to detect and react to the driver’s emotions.

AI can detect the micro expression too that comes on our face before we consciously have a chance to control them!

This is not it. The system can be used in the placement of the airbags. For example, if the child is placed in the back seat then the airbags can be deployed more effectively. It can also be useful in enforcing laws such as speed limit, prohibit a student driver, limit someone from driving whose license has been revoked or prohibit drunk or distracted driving.

Driver Monitoring System

Fortunately, we have already developed such product and are perpetually adding more features with the technological advancements. If you want to know more about PathPartner Driver Monitoring System then send us a mail on

The placement of DMS in the vehicles has been sped up due to the Euro NCAP recommendation of driver monitoring system as a primary feature targeted by this year for on road vehicles and the recent introduction of the SAFE Act in the US senate.

Self-driving cars may be the future but Driver Monitoring system are here to stay for a long time.

Is It an invasion of privacy?

Consumers might feel that their privacy is invaded by keeping an eye on their emotion or activities inside the vehicle.

European data protection board had mandated that no personally identifying information can leave the car without explicit consent from the driver or the passenger. Also, the car can’t collect more data than its needed to maintain the safety of the vehicle or perform tasks for which the driver has given specific permission.

So, your privacy remains intact.


Emotions are a part of human existence. Emotion-based AI can not only help in increasing road safety but it can make car more interactive. If someone is consumed by road rage then the car will be able to take various measures to calm the driver. It can play music, control car climate, suggest a nice place to stop or even take over the car control by pulling over!

Basically, our car will be whatever we expect from a friend.

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