A Futurist Solution for Self-Driving Cars-Car driving slot reservation

Here we discuss a futuristic idea of driverless car and how it can be a reality in the day-to-day life. Considering the current problems, we propose an idea to tackle the issues that might arise in future when self-driven cars become a reality and how automobile manufacturers and OEMs should start thinking in order to better serve the customers. The blog does not discuss ‘how self-driven cars work’, but it assumes that such a technology already exists emphasizing on how it can be made faster, safer and predictable.

Embedded applications code coverage

Code coverage tools are introduced for analyzing the test cases quality. This Blog mainly focuses on gcov, a feature of gcc which is useful for any embedded Linux application code-coverage’.

Parallelizing the HEVC Encoder

This blog gives an insight to how HEVC fares in a multi-core processing scenario and alternative approaches to achieve parallellizing HEVC Encoder.

Solve traffic sign recognition challenges

Missing a road sign can be due to many reasons ranging from human error to bad weather. Vision based Traffic Sign Recognition Systems are here to make sure the traffic signs do not go unnoticed.

Microphone Array Beamforming

This blog explains about a signal processing technique used in microphone array processing called Beamforming