PathPartner offers plug and play audio software IPs and comprehensive embedded software development services for building next generation AVRs, soundbars & home theatre systems, based on TI & Qualcomm processors. We leverage our deep expertise in integration of 3D and immersive audio technologies, multi-zone support, multi-room correction, bass management and advanced optimizations to help our customers reliably develop their AVR products. Our proven, production-ready Home Audio SDK, which includes components and frameworks for building complete audio pipeline in advanced AVRs and home theatres, is designed to accelerate the time to market for our customers.

Simplify your home Audio-video receiver (AVR) & Soundbar system development with PathPartner Home Audio SDK. Our software development kit (SDK) is a software platform that offers streamlined development phases and offers various features across different TI Processors such as TI K2G and DA810. With readily available algorithms, you don’t need to worry about implementation details and develop your custom solutions quickly.

PathPartner Home Audio SDK Technical Features

PathPartner audio-video receiver SDK is a high-performance, ready-to-integrate and production-ready development software which allows developers to prototype and productize multichannel audio applications on TI K2G & DA810 platform.

Dolby & DTS Integration

Dolby Atmos for AVR 1.3, Dolby Atmos for HT 1.6.2, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X

Immersive 3D Audio Support

Integration of Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS: X

Audio Codecs Integration

Integration of Dolby decoders and post-processing components

Multi-channel Audio Support

Support up to 19 (9.4.6) channels output

Bass Management & Multizone

Frequency boost & bass management Multi zone

Voice Pipeline Integration

In-built Alexa/OK Google support

One Stop Shop Service Offerings to
Simplify and Accelerate Home Audio System Development

In addition to the SDK, PathPartner offers comprehensive software services to build next-gen AVR, sound bar and home theatre systems on TI and Qualcomm platforms. From BSP and board bring-up to system performance optimizations and from custom codec integration all the way to successful product certification support, PathPartner works with the customer until the product is successfully certified and ready to hit the market. Since PathPartner works as a one stop shop and integrates components from various technology providers, customers can reduce their project management efforts and focus on their core product.

Board Bring-up & Firmware

  • Hardware design review
  • BSP and device drivers
  • DDR tuning, calibration & testing
  • Framework development & customization

Audio Pipeline Development

  • Dirac Live Bass Management
  • Noise Signal Generation
  • Sample Rate Converter (SRC)
  • Multi-channel audio support
  • Latency optimization for Apple Airplay2 certification

3D Audio Integration & Optimization

  • Integration, porting & optimization of Dolby, DTS components:
    • Dolby Digital Plus (DDP), TrueHD, DTS:X, Auro-3D
    • Dolby Audio Processing (DAP), Object Audio Renderer (OAR) modules

Product Certification Support

Certifications Supported:

  • Dolby certifications: Dolby Atmos
  • DTS Certifications: DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X
  • Other Certifications: IMAX ENHANCED, Auro-3D, MFi for Airplay2

QA & Testing

  • Well-equipped lab setup for audio quality tests
  • System and component certification tests
  • Dolby & DTS product certification tests
  • Automation of tests using software and hardware tools

Audio Lab Setup for Multichannel Audio Quality Evaluation

PathPartner’s audio lab provides hardware & software tools to record, playback and test the sound quality and volume to ensure your product matches with the user’s criteria.

Audio Lab Features
  • 64-channel listening room
  • 4 digital woofer provision
  • Double layer acoustic iron doors
  • 96 db of acoustic isolation
  • RT60 graded for reverberance & found compliant
  • 0.75 Noise reduction coefficient (NRC)

Audio Lab Applications
  • 32-channel audio playback
  • Multichannel audio listening
  • Acoustic echo simulation
  • Background noise addition
  • Audio quality tests
  • Beamforming test suite
  • Surround sound playback
  • Testcases for far field speech

Target Home Audio Applications

AV Receiver
Home Theatres
Personal Speakers

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