Global sales of passenger cars is expected to hit 100 million units soon and the focus of OEMs is shifting to autonomous driving capabilities. With technologies such as Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pervasive connectivity and Advanced sensing coming together, the industry landscape is changing rapidly. Some of the key trends that the industry is witnessing include (a) Continuous movement towards full Autonomy, (b) Safety and passenger comfort being prioritized, (c) Cars being connected to cloud which enables remote functionalities, and (d) Rising adoption of consumer technologies to infotainment systems.

PathPartner, with its extensive technical expertise on next-gen technologies and vast experience of working with key automotive players, is well poised to be your trusted partner in your journey to ride the wave of technological advancement in Automotive domain.

Our Offerings

Product Engineering for Automotive sub-systems


Drive ahead of developmental challenges for ADAS, with in-vehicle vision, imaging, radar and LiDAR-based technologies and our expertise


Transform your infotainment system for the future, with Embedded Intelligence, Pervasive connectivity and Multimedia innovation

Digital Cockpit

Upgrade your cockpit to the future digital cockpit - with Sensor-Fusion, Embedded Intelligence, and Multimedia innovation

Connected Cars

Transform your vehicle into a connected vehicle with telematics and V2X Technologies and our service offerings


PathPartner offers complete solution development for various levels of autonomy – from assisted driving to complete autonomy including:

  • Algorithm development and optimization for Radar, Lidar, and Camera-based systems, making them sensor fusion ready
  • End to End Deep Learning models design, training, porting and optimization for Automotive applications

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PathPartner draws from its experience of developing state-of-the-art multimedia systems, to deliver time to market advantages to OEMs and tier-1s:

  • Front and rear seat entertainment system development
  • In-vehicle smartphone connectivity using CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlink etc.
  • Hypervisor based Fastboot
  • Converged cockpit for an immersive user experience

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Digital cockpit

PathPartner provides following services to develop, productize and maintain Digital Cockpit of Automobiles of future:

  • Hardware design, Board bring-up, driver development, Boot-time optimizations
  • Sensor fusion, unified connectivity, computer vision and multimedia framework development
  • Algorithm porting and optimizations and system integration services

Connected car solutions

PathPartner enables automotive OEMs, tier-1s and after market majors by providing solutions and services to deliver connected car solutions. Some of the areas of expertise include:

  • V2V/V2I solution development, integration and testing
  • OBDII based devices and solution development
  • Cellular connectivity and Cloud platform integration
  • Platform software and Firmware development

Our Success stories

Car play and android auto head unit integration for American electronics manufacturer

Long range imaging radar for a Japanese Electronics manufacturer

Radar based object detection for a Japanese Electronics manufacturer

OBDII based telematics solution for an American trucking company

Deep learning for video surveillance in public space

Deep learning based traffic sign recognition With GTSRB compliance

Radar based object & pedestrian detection and warning system

3D point processing for Lidar inputs, developed for a German electric vehicle manufacturer

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