PathPartner offers a complete reference design for building a smart AI-enabled video doorbell solution based on high integrated IP Camera SoC SSC325DE from Ambarella and a home controller based on Quectel SC200R. It combines Imaging Sensor's powers, Ambient Light Sensor PIR Sensor, Humidity Sensor with 4G/LTE connectivity, and multiple peripherals. It can be used directly in end-product designs for complete security systems. Packing powerful edge computing, sensor processing and integrated wireless connectivity, this reference solution is ideal for Smart Home security, Enterprise level security etc.

Our Offerings

Application Development

Cloud integration, UI/UX development OTA firmware updates

System Optimization

Power, memory, boot-time, accuracy optimizations

Firmware Development

BSP development, device driver development, camera quality tuning and sensors

Hardware Design

High speed board designs incorporating processors and sensors from leading semicon providers

Algorithm Development

Implementation or porting of the algorithm and use-cases to target sensors and platforms. AI, ML and CV implementations

Video Doorbell

Technical Specifications

Power - Low voltage Requirement

Chime - Wi-Fi, Chime Sound, Storage, Manage automatic door lock

Variations - Wi-Fi in AP mode, 4G connectivity

Connectivity - Wi-Fi in doorbell connects directly to the home Wi-Fi network

Camera - 1/3-inch, 3-megapixel (2K) color sensor, 8x digital zoom, Wide field of view (160)

Video- HD UXGA 1600 x 1200, up to 30 frames/sec, H.264 encoding, HDR

Night Vision - 8 High–power infrared LEDs (850nm)

Microphone - Yes (~5 feet))

Speaker - Yes (~5 feet))

Motion Detection - Yes, with loiter detection

Call Button

AI/ML Engine

Sensors - Ambient Light sensor

Security - 128–bit AES with TLS/SSL; 2-factor verification available

Battery - 24 hours (backup for power outage)

Home Controller

Technical Specifications

Screen - 5/7/10'' touch (capacitive)

Speaker - for music playback and doorbell

Microphone - far-field microphone - 4 or 7-mic array (example: Knowles S1053 0090 V6)

Streaming - live streaming from multiple cameras (doorbell + external)

Communication - Wifi, zigbee, BT

Sensors - Required - motion, humidity, temperature, glass break

Good to have - Air quality, CO, dust, smoke, gas leak

Switchboard capabilities (Light and fan control) - Yes

Can be used independently of the doorbell Alexa enabled - Yes

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