Adding Deep Learning Technology to Machine Vision Solutions

Deep learning techniques are all set to transform businesses, in ways never seen before. The use of sophisticated, multi-level deep neural networks is giving inferences, insights, and decision-making processes, as advanced as human cognition to the businesses. In the case of images, deep learning requires computing power and involves feeding a large amount of data through multi-layered neural network architecture to create a model that can classify the objects contained within the image, having done through a superior learning ability to make better use of datasets for feature extraction. In such applications, deep learning helps machine – vision systems to cope with the range of acceptable part appearances.

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Manually inspecting tangible defects is not always reliable. It is also labor-intensive. To overcome

these limitations, automated inspection uses image processing techniques that are potent enough

to significantly improve quality and increase production rates in the industry by delivering a

high performance customized deep learning model for identifying packaging defects in real-time.


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