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PathPartner is an embedded multimedia technology company



PathPartner provides niche services for embedded multimedia centric devices PathPartner


PathPartner offers system solutions and software IPs in embedded multimedia

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PathPartner offers multimedia centric mobile apps and app development services

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Enrich the multimedia experience in today’s advanced convergence devices

PathPartner provides Software IP & Solutions, Product Engineering Services and Applications that enable the development and deployment of embedded multimedia centric devices for different verticals. Organizations looking for focused domain expertise and innovation partners have chosen PathPartner as the preferred one for embedding innovation into their designs and projects.


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Enabling VDMA-based fast data transfers on ZYNQ

This paper introduces a novel approach to realize faster data communication using VDMA on Xilinx’s Zynq All-Programmable SoC and the performance improvement thus achieved....
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Analysis of HEVC/H265 Parallel Coding Tools

This paper describes analysis of HEVC parallel tools to understand the effectiveness of achieving the purpose for which they are targeted and help readers understand the intricacie...
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Implementation of Opus Codec on DM816x SoC of Texas Instruments

Opus audio codec is increasingly considered for high-end video conferencing application.This case study explains the porting and optimizing the floati...
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Android Jelly Bean Bootup Time Optimization

Often Android smartphone users complain about the slow boot up time when powering on their device since they have to wait longer time for the boot up....
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Analysis, Architectures and Modelling of HEVC Encoder

High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) also known as H.265 has become the talk of the town in video compression industry for the past two years as it prom...
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Exciting news for ppinng!HDR users!

ppinng!HDR gets the most anticipated update yet! For all those who thought waiting for the counter to turn zero between subsequent clicks was time con...
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ppinng!HDR finally arrives on Windows Phone

A welcome news for all Windows Phone users, PathPartner Technology has announced ppinng!HDR on the windows platform. This app boasts all the latest fe...
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